Extra heavy duty drawer slide - 7688 by SLIDE-MAKER

Posted on March 21, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Extra heavy duty slide

Profile and features:

  • 76mm(3") x 19mm(0.75") (Height x Side space)
  • Finish in ZP , BZP , B.E.D
  • Customized length from 10" to 60".
  • Full extension travel
  • Mounting by side or flat , Non-disconnect , Silenced

Load ratings:

    Different application and use will influence the performance of slide.

  • Moderate use 500lbs / pair
  • Frequent use 400lbs / pair
  • Mobile equipment (vehicular) 300lbs / pair
  • Flat mount 150lbs / pair


    This slide is designed for use in a variety of heavy duty storage applications.

  • Large pantry pull-outs
  • Wide lateral file drawers
  • Vehicular storage drawers


    When slides installed in drawers that are wider than its deep are
    subject to reduce their load carrying capacity. Same as, slides in
    applications that are cycled frequently also carry a lower load rating.
    Please consider this info. to determine the load rating of model 7688.
    This slide can not use on any application supporting human weight as
    injury may happen.

OEM/ODM drawer slide

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